FOREO LUNA™ for Combination Skin (Sky Blue)

by Foreo

The LUNA™ is a revolutionary facial-cleansing and anti-aging device. Combining sophisticated T-Sonic™ technology with a soft, silicone brush, the LUNA™ provides deep yet gentle cleansing, leaving your complexion looking clearer, brighter and healthier. 

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Features and benefits

  •          NONABRASIVE BRUSH: Unique, ultra-soft silicone bristles for deep, yet gentle cleansing.
  •          ULTRA HYGIENIC: Up to 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles.
  •          ANTI-AGING MODE: Smooth massaging surface to enhance the absorption of your skincare products and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •          ECONOMIC: No replacement brushes needed and a 2-year limited warranty and 10 year product guarantee.
  •          TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Up to 450 uses per charge = charge your device once every 7 months.
  •          SMART DESIGN: Fully waterproof and 8-speed adjustable intensities

The reverse surface channels lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the visibility of ‑fine lines and wrinkles, while helping to improve the absorption of skincare products. Requiring no replacement brushes, the LUNA™ is a more economical, as well as hygienic and gentle solution than similar products on the market. With the LUNA™ range, FOREO promises you radiant, healthier-looking skin and the confidence that comes with it.

How To Use:

  •          Use for one minute daily to every other day (depending on the skin) with a cleanser free from clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs—they may harm the soft silicone and can be to abrasive to use with the device. 
  •          To use, turn on, apply cleanser, wet brush surface, cleanse face, and rinse. 


  •          Anyone who suffers from a serious skin condition should consult their dermatologist before using any skin care devices including the FOREO LUNA™ .